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Changi Airport Group 1st Dinner & Dance

"The event was a great success which brought smiles and appreciation from many on that lovely and truly memorable evening."

Albert Lim, Chairperson of Staff D&D Committee 


Changi Airport Group had planned to hold their first Staff D&D at the Wavehouse, Sentosa and we knew it was not going to be as easy as it seemed. We knew we had what it took to create a blast for this outdoor event as we had past experience in producing many unforgettable beach parties. We also had to take into consideration many factors such as wet weather contingencies and to ensure that the tranquility of the venue was not compromised.


The event theme selected was "Blast from the Past", a retro theme on fond childhood memories. We had the task of ensuring the programme blended well with the venue. The challenge of the day was the bad weather as the rain came on and off and teased our team during the set-up in the afternoon but our relentless pursuit for a perfect event ensured the place was ready for the guests.


Delivering an outstanding opening performance and a great entertainment programme through the evening, we knew it was indeed another huge success judging by the positive feedback from the guests that night.

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