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City Gas 150th Anniversary Celebration

"Without a doubt, i-VOX  was equal to the task in meeting our challenge..."

Mr Ng Yong Hwee, President & CEO of City Gas Pte Ltd

In celebration of City Gas 150th Anniversary, the committee was tasked to plan a yearlong calendar of events. One challenging hurdle was to string up four different thematic phases together i.e. "Values that Bind", "Tribute to Staff & Family", "Tribute to Customers, Partners &Community" and "Warming Lives For Generations" so that they made a seamless and meaningful repertoire of interlinking events leading up to the finale celebration of a Gala Dinner.


At i-VOX, we believe that nothing is impossible and we took on the challenge understanding the need to deliver something that was extraordinary as Sesquicentennial Celebrations are major milestones. We had participants of each event to create a small item, which was later bound together by the Management Team of City Gas. To commemorate the event, a Huge Time Capsule was launched during the Gala Dinner, symbolizing the essence of City Gas total commitment towards all its stakeholders.


We delivered a Family Day that was claimed by the committee members as the best in many years and produced a Gala Dinner that was totally unique and unseen in any other events for the client. To have it all captured in a Time Capsule and placing it in their office was the icing on the cake.


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